The Crescent of Caid

by Rathflaed DuNoir The Black Bard of Meridies mka: Stephen R. Melvin Note: There are two melodies in this song. One is for the dialog of the Pirate Captain and the associated narration, the other is for the dialog of the Caidian Captain and selected other verses. The verses will be marked with an A or B to denote the tune. The chords will be marked for all verses when they change from the norm throughout the song.
Am G (A) It was on the first of June in AS Twenty-Six, Am G A fighting ship was launched on the seas. Am G She was the fastest thing on water; the jewel of the fleet, Am G Am And they christened her the Crescent of Caid. (A) The Captain ran a tight ship, two hundred in command, And none could ever equal her for speed, So the king he put his queen aboard to carry her to safety, Aboard the Crescent of Caid. (A) Now the Pirate Captain Balthazaar, he called his ships together, There's a feast ahead, come and let us feed! I hear the royal flower, the Kingdom's sweetest rose, Is aboard the Crescent of Caid. (A) So Hoist up the rigging boys, prime up the gonnes, Draw your cutlass, feel the waves beneath your feet, Two hundred men aboard the ship; we'll take her and we'll sink her, We'll have the Crescent of Caid! C G (B) Captain, we have a sail on the horizon, C G Pirates to the North and West and East! F C G Am Well, hoist up the main sail and one-eighty to the rudder, Am G Am They'll never catch the Crescent of Caid! (B) All hands to stations, take the ladies down belowdecks, And five men below to guard the queen, We've promised to our liege lord, the safety of this flower, A promise from the Crescent of Caid. (A) Right boys, she's seen us; hard starboard to the rudder, Bring the ships full to ramming speed, Am G Am G Ready all grapples, Prepare the boarding party, We're taking down the Crescent of Caid! (B) Sir, we can't outrun them, we've got too much ballast, Quickly sir, she's closing on our lead. Then head her for the rocks me boys, in the Straits of Calafia, They'll never catch the Crescent of Caid! (A) They're turning to the rocks! The bastards think they'll lose us! When we catch them, I'll make that Morgan bleed! Am G Am G As sure as daylight breaks, and Polaris seeks to guide us, We'll soon have the Crescent of Caid! (A) Within the deadly reefs the ships rolled almost over, As they sailed out, the tide it did recede, Am G Am G And left five pirate ships agrounded on the coral, And one still faced the Crescent of Caid. (B) The Pirate Captain's ship, she grappled with the Crescent, The swords were flashing bright with desperate need. The queen she drew a sword and gathered with her maidens, And swore they'd never take the Crescent of Caid. (B) The battle swirled around and the pirates started dying, Balthazaar, he called a swift retreat, The pirate ship broke free and fled into the high seas, Victorious was the Crescent of Caid! Am G (A) So learn this lesson well, all you pirates of the high seas, Am G Don't try to take the treasures of Caid, F C G Am For you will face Morgan and the Royal Caidian Navy, Am G Am And her flagship the Crescent of Caid! Yes her flagship the Crescent of Caid!

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